September 26, 2008

Our new blog!


Finally! The Cinedulce blog...phew. I've been meaning to do this for months. Better late than never, right?

Okay, so my name is Liz, and I'm the president of Cinedulce ( My biz partner, Calixto, and I also co-run/own the NY Int'l Latino Film Festival (, presented by HBO (gotta show the love!). About a 18 +/- months ago, we decided to start Cinedulce, which, if all goes well, will be the leading distribution platform for Latino and Urban film. Neither of us has started a company on this level, so it's pretty insane but also really exciting b/c we totally believe we can build an awesome company that provides valuable distribution opps for the talented artists we know and also exposes folks worldwide to these incredible films that deserve an audience. Simple, right?? If only... ;)

Anyhoodles, I decided this experience has already been so unbelievable, it might be fun to chronicle it on this, here, blog. We're obviously not the only entrepreneurs out there trying to follow a dream. Maybe you can relate to what we're going through, maybe not. Maybe you'll just enjoy reading about the ridiculous ups and downs of the process. Either way, I'm diggin' this whole blog thing, so I'm gonna take you on our ride.

Look out for daily updates and be our friend on Facebook, which forced us to have a last name so our profile name is Cinedulce Puntocom (thanks to our intern, Michelle, for that genius and hilarious solution!). And, of course, check out the awesome movies on and sign up for our newsletter so you get updates on new films, channels, filmmaker interviews, etc. All good stuff.

For those in NYC, stay dry. For everyone else, stay cool.

Viva Cine Latina! ;)

~ Liz

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