September 17, 2010

Great Distribution Advice from NALIP

Hey Filmmakers!

Check out this valuable distribution advice from our friends at NALIP.



July 22, 2010

Elliot Loves Celebration... Thank You Hennessy Privilege



July 14, 2010


I know, I've been like a ghost. But, I'm back! My apologies; things are INSANE!!!

Some Highlights:

As of yesterday, I'm finally done! After about 10 months of effort, I locked in 3 new sponsors in 2 days... 2 weeks before the event. Wha what?? That's totally bizarre. I couldn't be more excited... or buried under work.

In the last-minute, we secured the film "Gun", directed by Jessy Terrero and co-written by and starring 50 Cent.. WHO'S ATTENDING THE FESTIVAL. Holla! That's crazy, y'all.

We're working on locking in after-venues, securing musical talent, designing, approving and printing tons of creative (collateral and signage), setting up box office, organizing volunteers, sending out press releases and planning the overall PR strategy, planning sponsor activation and coordinating deliverables, selling tickets, setting up online promotions and offline street teams, aggregating RSVP lists for various events, delivering print ads, putting together panels, collecting films, communicating with participating filmmakers, conducting tons of venue walk-throughs, etc.etc.etc. I swear - film fests are mad crazy. Oh and I still have nothing to wear on the red carpet. Who has time to worry about that?! Sheesh.

FINALLY, the baby went to print. Holy smokes - that, in and of itself, was a bear. I worked all weekend on it.

We're planning a private event for next week (sponsored by Hennessy Privilege!) so I've been dealing with that. We had a venue walk-through last night and it's hot! Foundation - 137 Essex Street (1.5 blocks below Houston).

And, check out this delish specialty cocktail:

Hennessy VSOP Royal Privilege

Created by: Hennessy
1.5 oz Hennessy Privilege V.S.O.P
¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
Ginger Ale
5 Ice Cubes

Matt is hard at work writing the Mood Book, which I'll receive on Friday. Over the weekend, I need to pull it all together and give it some sort of design. We've also started outreach for fundraising. Got any money??


June 29, 2010

Hilarity: NYILFF Teaser!

Check out this hilarity! The geniuses at GlobalHue Latino created this hysterical :10 teaser for our ad campaign. Love it!

You can view the full film, written by Margarita Jimeno and directed by Tony Kaye, on July 12!


Beyond that, I'm totally sweating in this hot-a** office and the work just keeps coming. My to-do list (yes, I actually write a list...) seems to grow geometrically.

Tomorrow AM, we're heading uptown with our friends from HBO to St. Nicholas Park to check out the space for our free outdoor screening on July 26 (rain date August 2!). HBO is coming along because we're presenting an HBO Documentary Film called El Espiritu De Salsa. It's going to be an awesome event, so bring your whole family and enjoy a beautiful, free film in the park!


June 23, 2010

Updates All Around...


Good News: The schedule is officially set! Woo-hoo! Congrats to the entire programming team; it's a bear of a job and you did it!

Bad News: A sponsor dropped out this AM. Ughhhh!!! They changed their strategy and decided to activate in October vs. July. I'm hoping we can salvage the relationship by customizing an event for them in October, but, for now, it's done. Massive bummer.

Encouraging News: A new potential sponsor has come to the table (we're looking to chat on Friday) and we're still waiting on 2 others. Keep the faith, people! I refuse to give up!!


I can finally announce that Hennessy Prestige is Elliot Loves' newest, very generous sponsor. Thank you, Manny! Can't wait for the event in July.


I officially hired Lina as our casting director! Yay! We (Thomas, Matt, Lina and I) are meeting next week to kick off discussions re:packaging the film, creating a 'look book' and refining our target list for the male and female leads. Freakin' awesome!


June 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes: NYILFF Commercial Shoot!

Check out this video, shot and edited by none other than our own, fabulous Lyndon McCray, giving you an on-set, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of the 2010
NYILFF commercial.


Side note: As of 5 mins ago, we're still alive for one of our remaining potential NYILFF sponsors. We should hear by week's end. Fingers crossed!!!!

Lina's 99% hired to help us package and, subsequently, cast "Lottery Man"!! This afternoon, we had a great convo and now I'm just waiting for the final thumbs up from Matt and Thomas. How excited am I? Very!! Thanks for asking!


June 21, 2010


So, we were all set with our :30 commercial spot until we received 'the call'; it was rejected by the theater group. Can you believe?!?! They rejected the last 5 seconds, which is brilliant by the way, due to whatever conservative, ridiculous, humorless reasons they had. It's insane. Now we have to re-cut the last 5 seconds just for theater advertising's equivalent of the MPAA. Harrumph!!

Pending a call tomorrow tomorrow, we're moving forward with Lina to help us package the film and, post-financing, handle all casting. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. Soooper exciting.

Elliot Loves
Time to figure out the deets of this new, awesome sponsorship and to plan our July 'Thank You' celebration. Awesome.

Marisa got a promotion; she's now the "Elliot Loves" co-producer. Congrats Marisa!


June 18, 2010



Also, mark your calendars: Tickets go on sale JULY 6!

We just viewed the final :30 commercial spot and it's insane. Totally different. Totally kick ass. I heart GlobalHue Latino, Margarita Jimeno and Tony Kaye. It'll start running in theaters after July 4 weekend.

On a separate note, this afternoon I had a Lottery Man meeting with Matt, Thomas and a dear, old friend, Lina (casting director), regarding packaging the film. I'll give the update on Monday when we finalize next steps, but, suffice it say, I'm super psyched!

On another separate note, it looks like Elliot Loves just landed a new corporate sponsor. I don't want to give deets until we settle the deal points, but I couldn't be more excited. You can't imagine what a huge impact this one deal has. Terracino - you're a rock star! Go team, go!

Have a great weekend!


June 16, 2010

Watch 25 mins of "Elliot Loves" now! LIMITED VIEWING WINDOW!

START TIME: June 15 @ 5:00pm
END TIME: Sunday, June 20 @ 11:30pm
WHERE: Watch it here!


Click on the link below and watch the rough edit of our film (no color correction or sound mixing yet) for FREE! We need to raise $2,500 in the next 5 days to keep going. If you like what you see, there are 3 ways you can help us stay in production.

1. Click on the PayPal link below;
2. Make a check out to Third World Newsreel. Note it is for "Elliot Loves" and mail it to Gary Terracino PO Box 290, NY, NY 10113 -- this makes it tax deductible; or,
3. Make an equity investment in Papi Chulo LLC. Equity investments start at $1,000.

25 Minutes of ELLIOT LOVES:

PayPal Link:

Welcome to indie film in the 21st Century: LIVE IT! LOVE IT! SHARE IT!

You can contact the film's writer/director, Gary Terracino, on Facebook and via email:



June 14, 2010


NYILFF Closing Night has been confirmed: the amazing Brazilian film, "Sonhos Roubados" ("Stolen Dreams"). U.S. Premiere!

Director: Sandra Werneck
Writer: Eliane Trindade
Producers: Elisa Tolomelli and Sandra Werneck
Cast: Nando Costa, Amanda Diniz, Kika Farias, Silvio Guindane, Nelson Xavier

Three teenage girls living in poverty and struggling with dysfunctional families and early pregnancy turn to prostitution to survive. Yet despite this grim reality, Jessica, Daiane and Sabrina attempt to partake in the everyday joys and dramas of being teenage girls: they laugh and gossip over new boyfriends, skip school to go to the beach and dream of getting an mp3 player. Theirs is a life of tragedy and beauty. "Stolen Dreams" is a rare film: one that pulls no punches, yet is infused with a gentle, poetic sensibility.

AUDITIONS for "Smell the Coffee", winner of the 2010 HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition! Please send your head shot & resume to If you're looking to get your foot in the door, opportunity is knocking! Let your inner star shine!


June 9, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

UGGGGHHH... Why must sponsorship torture me so?! I just got the "pass" from a wireless company with whom I've been chatting for 2 years (yes, years not months). Wha what?? The only consolation is the head of multicultural (my friend/contact) is potentially as bummed as I am. With budget cuts, he just couldn't get internal buy-in. He vowed to keep pushing until one day they come on board. I love his enthusiasm and support, but really wanted that partnership this year. Ay carumba!

On a more positive tip, we seem to have strong momentum from a particular beauty brand. I would love, love, love to get an answer before the weekend but, alas, I can't control the client. I've provided all requested info. Now, we wait...

On the programming tip, I know you already know "La Soga" is no longer our Closing Night feature. Fear not, amigos! We have super-fantastic options. We'll announce as soon as we lock. Plus, there are all of these other super hot films that are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. Don't know where these folks have been all this time, but happy to have their interest!

Random Side Note: Tomorrow, I'm meeting up with an old director friend, who's interviewing me for his documentary. I can't really say anything else, but how cool is that?! I'm gonna be in a doc. and it's gonna be juiuiuicy!


June 7, 2010

On-Set Pix from Saturday's Commercial Shoot!!

As most of you know, NYILFF conducted a creative contest for the 2010 commercial, which, in turn, served as the basis for our entire marketing campaign, devised by our kick-a** agency partner, GlobalHue Latino. The winner of that contest is Colombian-born creative, Margarita Jimeno. GlobalHue, Margarita and director, Tony Kaye ("American History X") all worked together on the resulting commercial, which we shot this weekend. A true creative collaboration!!

Check out some of our pix from Saturday's shoot, which was awesome! More importantly, the spot is going to be insane!

Silver Cup Studios in Queens!

Contest winner: writer/creative Margarita Jimeno!

Director and Margarita's creative collaborator, Tony Kaye

Tanya and I looking very serious. ;)

The Set

Team GlobalHue watching and working behind the scenes!


June 3, 2010

My Head is Spinning!

Holy busy season. Sheesh!

No update since Tuesday's exciting Jose Cuervo news, BUT I think the meeting Sonia and I had today will result in a great new media partner. Stand by for confirmation...

I will list ALL official International films in tomorrow's blog. Woo-hoo!

Pending HBO's approval, the key art is donezo and it's awesome. I can't wait to show it to you. So c0lorful, fun, retro-cool. Me gusta! PLUS, we approved the new web site skin and architecture and it is sizzling. Spoon+Fork kick a**!!

Time Out NY has committed editorial this year. FINALLY! Okay, New York Magazine... it's your turn. Get with the program and support some multicultural programming. I mean, seriously, what's the problem here?!

I reconnected with my old friend, Lina, about helping us package the film and then, upon financing, serve as our casting director. She's into it and has the script. Fingers crossed we can make it work. Yes we can! ;)

I set up a meeting for later tonight between Terracino (writer/director) and Juan (producer) with my friend, who's a DJ and music producer. Let's see if we can't get my boys some free music!


June 2, 2010

NYILFF Programming Announcement!



New York, N.Y. May 31, 2010 – The New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) announces THE DRY LAND as its Opening Night and LA SOGA as its Closing Night films unspooling in New York City from Tuesday, July 27 to Sunday, August 1, 2010 at the Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 9 (260 West 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues) and the School of Visual Arts Theater (333 West 23rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues). Additionally, the gripping TRÓPICO DE SANGRE will headline Dominican Night on Thursday, July 29 at Columbia University Alumni Auditorium (168th Street at Fort Washington). Tickets are available beginning June 25 at the festival’s box office at Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 9 and the festival's web site: NYILFF is presented by HBO™.

“NYILFF is very excited to be presenting these outstanding films,” says Calixto Chinchilla, Executive Director NYILFF. “Each year we bring audiences better and more varied Latino content starring some of the biggest stars from Hollywood and Latin America and throughout the world. Our Opening, Closing and Dominican Night films really exemplify the wide range of Latino cinema today.”

OPENING NIGHT, Presented by Johnnie Walker

“THE DRY LAND” - Starring America Ferrera, Wilmer Valderrama.

Tuesday, July 27 @ 7 PM @ School of Visual Arts Theatre – 333 W. 23rd St. (bet. 8 & 9)

James (Ryan O'Nan) returns from Iraq to face a new battle -- reintegrating into his small-town life in Texas. His young wife (America Ferrera), his mother (Melissa Leo) and his best friend (Jason Ritter), provide support but they can't fully comprehend the pain and suffering he feels since his tour of duty ended. Lonely, James reconnects with an Army buddy (Wilmer Valderrama), who provides him the compassion and camaraderie he desperately needs. A taut, moving story of redemption and reconstruction, "The Dry Land" is about one soldier's war to reconnect with his own soul.

CLOSING NIGHT, Co-Presented by Heineken

“LA SOGA” – Starring Manny Perez (WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, EL CANTANTE) and Denise Quiñones (Miss Universe 2001, SMALLVILLE on the WB)

Saturday, July 31 @ 7 PM @ School of Visual Arts Theatre – 333 W. 23rd St. (bet. 8 & 9)

In a poor, corrupt neighborhood in the Dominican Republic, 10-year-old Luisito witnesses his father’s vicious murder. Preying upon Luisito’s desire for revenge, General Colon (Juan Fernandez), the head of the secret police, takes Luisito under his wing and transforms him into a heartless killer. Twenty years later, Luisito (Manny Perez) is Colon’s top assassin, driven by the promise to face his father's killer. Into Luisito's world comes Jenny, whose tenderness rekindles his long-dormant conscience. As his eyes open to the corruption around him, Luisito realizes the price for altering his life's path may be his life itself. LA SOGA is a searing portrayal of one man’s quest for redemption. LA SOGA is an action-packed thriller set in the Dominican Republic and New York City and is inspired by true events. The film is being released through 7-57 Releasing on August 13 in NYC and the top 10 U.S. Markets.

DOMINICAN NIGHT, Presented by Heineken

“TRÓPICO DE SANGRE” (Tropic of Blood) – Starring Michelle Rodriguez, Cesar Évora

Thursday, July 29 @ 7 PM @ Columbia University Alumni Auditorium (168th at Fort Washington)

By the late 1950’s, Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo's reign of terror over the Dominican Republic had lasted nearly thirty years, and yet the Mirabel sisters, led by feisty, passionate Minerva, would come to represent the greatest threat to his regime. Daring to stand up against him, they soon became folk heroes to the oppressed Dominican people. Their cold-blooded murder at the hands of Trujillo's thugs would prove to be the fearsome dictator's ultimate undoing.

May 28, 2010

Pre-Memorial Day Update

The "Elliot Loves" fundraiser this week was a huge success. I don't yet have pix, but I'll post some next week. Again, I want to thank our very generous sponsors: Heineken, People en Espanol, .mark cosmetics, Film Comment, Macy's and Cafe Bustelo. You're all amazing!

We have officially locked the NYILFF Closing Night film. Phew! Look for the announcement on Tuesday!

Johnnie Walker is officially presenting the NYILFF Opening Night film. Woo-hoo!

Fantastic news. And, yet, hard to celebrate when I'm still not nearly done with sponsorship. The fest is only 2 months away. UGH.

On a personal tip, I'm super excited to see "Sex and the City 2" tomorrow afternoon with my friend, Kat, from HBO. Nothing like a fun, chick-flick to brighten what is supposed to be a stormy Saturday.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


May 25, 2010

Update Nuggets

Lottery Man
Save for one little edit, the logo is done... Woohoo! Thank you Somos Arte!
Storyboards? Check! Thank you, Timothy Jack!
Thomas and I are meeting tomorrow to review the investor package one last time and then, watch out world, here we come! Or, um, watch out world, we're coming for your money! Or, um, brotha can you spare a dime?

Elliot Loves
Don't forget the Elliot Loves Final Fundraiser is tomorrow night, 5/26 @ Gallery MC (549 West 52nd Street, 8th floor)! View the film's first 25 minutes, drink deliciously ice-cold Heineken and take home gift bags courtesy of the very generous Cafe Bustelo, .mark cosmetics, Macy's, People en Espanol, Film Comment Mag and Urban Latino. All that good stuff for just $20! See you there?

Join Beyond Influencing Da Hood (BIDH) for its first-ever outdoor film screening in Bed Stuy, Bk, TONIGHT, MAY 25, 6-10:30pm @ Stockton Playground (P.S. 297), Park Ave b/w Tompkins and Marcy. With special presentations of the 2009 NYILFF Best Film award-winner, "Inside a Change", directed by BET Awards video director of the year nominee Rik Cordero, and the HBO short film, "Shades of Brooklyn vol.1", directed by Sunshowak Films. Stay for the meet-and-greet with the films' casts and crews. Event host is actor Ephraim "Fetti" Benton ("Precious"). Want more info? Click HERE!

Holy busy, Batman!
  • New water partner - Fiji Water!
  • New coffee partner - Nescafe!
  • New media partner - AOL Latino!
  • Time flies - We had our first staff meeting last night. LOVE the new team!
  • Programming - The Closing Night debate continues. Ugh. Other categories are locking in nicely. AWESOME line-up this year.


May 20, 2010

Elliot Loves Final Fundraiser!

You can help us complete the film, ELLIOT LOVES! How cool is that?!

Join us for the final ELLIOT LOVES Fundraiser/Screening Party, as they head back into production to complete the film.

Check out the film's first 25 minutes, while enjoying complementary ice cold Heineken and cocktails and take home a nifty gift bag, courtesy of .mark cosmetics, People en Espanol, Film Comment, Urban Latino, Cafe Bustelo and Macy's!

As always, the Elliot Loves cast & crew will be present.

Wednesday, May 26
Gallery MC
549 West 52nd Street, 8th floor
$20.00 at door

Pay at the door or via PayPal: PAY HERE!


May 18, 2010


Okay, I'll admit it... I'm nervous about sponsorship for the 2010 NYILFF. It's so unbelievably tough right now, I can't even tell you. Well, I can tell you, but it would just bore you. Everyone's budget is getting cut. I mean, literally, I hear that at least once a day. We still have a bunch in play, but it's getting very tight and I'm getting very nervous. Ah, the joys of entrepreneurship...

On a more positive note, GlobalHue brought on this amazing artist to help design our campaign's key art. Her name is Valerie Crosswhite and she's killer. Check out her site to get a feel for this year's creative:

Then, we have the programming debate. Ay carumba. So, Juan, Calixto and I are trying to figure out what to do with Closing Night. Fortunately, we're not arguing internally (for once!). We're actually all on the same page. We're just having a hard time making a decision between two great films, one of which I watched last night; I'm STILL waiting to get a copy of the other (come on, filmmakers, hup to it!). Without getting too detailed, the decision comes down to balancing 3 key factors: film quality, overall cost and potential PR exposure. For example, are we willing to close with a film that may not have any star power, but is amazing and really represents the mission and uniqueness of this festival? Will people buy tickets? Will the press still cover it? What do you think?


May 13, 2010

Momentum Makes Me Happy

Wowsers - what a day! I'm telling you, it's getting nutsarooni over here.

I received not 1 but 4 calls today from interested sponsors. I'm certain there will be a big range in participation (I already know one partner is only interested in sampling), but that's great news. Even if one of them comes through, that'd be great. Momentum.

I scheduled a 'date' for early June with an old, dear friend of mine with whom I've lost touch over the years. Isn't it so hard to keep up with everyone? Sheesh. Anyway, she's a casting director from my Shooting Gallery days. I can't wait to catch up over cocktails (of course!) and tell her re:"Lottery Man"! Momentum.

We saw the latest iteration of the creative campaign. Honestly, Global Hue is totally kick-ass. Tanya, Calixto and I all love the direction. That, in and of itself, is almost unbelievable. No arguments. No debates. Just a collective grin. Momentum.

Tanya, Sonia and I had a great lunch with our good friends at Clearview Cinemas. Those guys are awesome. Super chill and accommodating. Excellent partners. Got deadlines and clarified some deliverables. Momentum.

Last night, we had an excellent, super productive panels meeting. We officially locked our entire panels line-up (7 in total). We just need to refine some details (include name one of them), secure panelists, firm up the NEW location and get you guys excited about the cool stuff we're planning! Momentum.


May 12, 2010


Check it out... our 2010 NYILFF Domestic Features roster!!


World Premiere / 85 MIN / HD

Directors: Neal Thibedeau and Sarah Louise Wilson

Writers: Neal Thibedeau and Sarah Louise Wilson

Producers: Mercedes Leanza, Neal Thibedeau, Sandra Voris and Byron Werner

Cast: Caroline Le Duc, Christina Ferraro, Ashley Fink, Mercedes Leanza, Steve Talley

In the shadow of Dia de los Muertos, a young couple has 24 hours to decide if their love should live or perish for good. Sue is afraid of commitment; Joey is confused by where it all went wrong. Soon they find themselves swept up in the intoxication of the Day of the Dead, where the dead walk the earth for a day – including phantoms from Sue’s past who have designs on Joey’s soul.


New York Premiere / 97 MIN / HD

Director: Miguel Necoechea

Writers: Carl Bessai, Kirk Harris and Miguel Necoechea

Producers: Don Franken, Kirk Harris and Miguel Necoechea

Cast: Marco Antonio Barrera, Sofia Espinosa, Kirk Harris, Michael Madsen, Alex Perea, Martin Sheen

Trapped in the rough and tumble life of Mexico City, Abner dreams of becoming a professional boxer. When he meets Frank Irwin (Martin Sheen), an American doctor running a medical clinic, and Irwin’s son Jimmy, an Olympic boxer with a burnt out pro career, Abner thinks his dream at last can become reality. Father and son unite to teach Abner the proper skills -- and repair their damaged relationship. In “Chamaco,” we see a world where everyone battles for a better life -- and the heart fuels the punches we throw.


New York Premiere / 92 MIN / HD

Director: Alan Jacobs

Writers: Trina Calderon and Alan Jacobs

Producers: Scott William Alvarez, Frank Aragon, Erica Armin

Cast: Laz Alonso, Kate Del Castillo, Danny Glover, Snoop Dogg, Elizabeth Pena, Emily Rios, Jessica Romero

Rascal, a 15-year-old high school student in East L.A, is one of the leaders of a tough gang of young Latinas, who are in a turf war with a rival band of African-American girls. As their longstanding territorial battle continues, the violence escalates and the stakes grow deadlier. Rascal’s hope of escape lies with her English teacher, Mr. Shannon (Danny Glover), who recognizes her talent for writing. Soon Rascal is torn between the opportunity to get out and her gang’s unwritten code of loyalty.


World Premiere / 77 MIN / HD

Director: William Wedig

Writers: Manny Perez and William Wedig

Producers: Josh Crock, Steven Holtzman and Josh Van Wie

Cast: Kate Breznahan, David Castro, Margo Martindale, Manny Perez, Jaime Tirelli

After serving time for manslaughter, Chuco (Manny Perez) returns from prison to the cold and rusted steel town of Scranton, Pennsylvania. His crime was among the most horrific imaginable: the murder of his son's mother. Ten years later, Chuco must now grapple with avoiding his vengeful son (David Castro) and trying to be the father he never was. In “Forged”, a father’s quest for redemption and connection may end up taking far more than he has to give.


World Premiere / 88 MIN / HD

Director: Carmen Marron

Writer: Carmen Marron

Producers: Sid Idris and Carmen Marron

Cast: Aimee Garcia, Al Bandiero, David Hernandez, Gina Rodriguez, Rene Rosado, Andres Perez-Molina

Night after night, Carmen and her friends tear up the dance floor at the local club. By day, she works at a grocery store to put herself through junior college and fulfill her immigrant parents’ dream for her to get an education and have a better life. But when one of Carmen’s professors catches her dancing, he challenges her to embrace a new destiny: that of a trained dancer at a formal dance school. Soon Carmen finds herself torn between her family’s working-class ways and her dream to dance.


World Premiere / 101 MIN / HD

Director: Ric Dupont

Writer: Carl Lucas

Producers: Gregg Jackson, Jake Pokluda, Patrick Rousseau, Alan Trever and Noah Workman

Cast: Luis Bordonada, Jorge Jiminez, Art LaFleur, Omar Leyva, Salome Martinez, Shirley Rumierk

Five interconnected stories explore hope, heartbreak and the lines people cross in search of a better life. In Juarez, a day laborer helps his friend traffic illegal migrant workers across the border. A young mother flees Mexico in a desperate attempt to get her son American medical treatment. In New Mexico, an illegal immigrant sells drugs to pay the bills for his American-born children. And, when a low-level Mexican gangster tries to work his way up the ladder by smuggling drugs and people across the border, he unwittingly sets these lives on a collision course.


New York Premiere / 90 MIN / HD

Director: Christian Sesma

Writers: Matt Flynn and Christian Sesma

Producers: Redford Mejia, Mason Mukai and Helen Taylor

Cast: Deborah Baker, Jr., Ina Barron, Felipe Esparza, Paul Rodriguez, Edwin san Juan, Chi Chi Navarro, Sophia Santi

For Felipe, life at 30 consists of living at home with his extended family -- father, mother, sisters, brothers, grandmother and sister-in-law -- hanging with friends, and, well…that's pretty much it. There are lots of things Felipe would like to do some day: Lose weight. Face his fears. Get a life. One day, Felipe bumps into an old high school classmate, Jill -- a chance encounter that reawakens his sense of possibility. But to turn his life around, Felipe must first convince himself that, "I'm not like that no more."


New York Premiere / 81 MIN / HD

Director: Laura Neri

Writer: Laura Neri

Producers: Janeen M. Levin, Laura Neri, Linda Pianigiani and Aldo Shllaku

Cast: Cayce Clayton, Maria Elena Laas, Joe Lia, Lili Mironjnick, Katerina Moutsatsos

When drug-abusing Galia kills her two-timing drug dealer, Lyle, she calls on her best friend to help. The two find themselves holed up in Lyle's apartment with his wife, who, it turns out, hated her husband and is more than happy to help them lose the corpse and cover up the murder -- provided, of course, the girls share Lyle's cash. So, all these lovely ladies need to do is cooperate long enough to avoid arrest, dump the body, deal with Galia's drug habit and cover their tracks. What could go wrong?


World Premiere / 80 MIN / HD

Director: Jose Montesinos

Writer: Jose Montesinos

Producers: Ed Kahana, Jose Montesinos, Matt O'Donnell, Miguel Padilla, Dennis Ruel, Sari Sabella and Brett Stillo

Cast: Kyra Gordon, Aileen Lawlor, Joe Montesinos, Miguel Padilla, Dennis Ruel, Sari Sabella

After eight years in prison, Cisco is finally free -- or so he thinks. Now a man of insight and restraint, he returns to his old neighborhood, hoping to build a peaceful future. But Cisco soon finds himself in a very different world. Before long, his hopes of renewal are shattered by the reappearance of the local heavy, who has not forgotten about his $10,000 debt from years ago. “Owned” presents us with an all-too painful reality: we may think we are "free," but our past debts and mistakes just may own us for good.



May 7, 2010

HBO/NYILFF Competish Deadline Extended! LotMan Moving Along!

The HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition deadline was just EXTENDED one week to FRIDAY, MAY 14!! For all of you who hoped to get it done by today but couldn't swing it, have no fear! You now have an extra week to show us your genius and (hopefully) win the opportunity to make a short film on HBO's dime! What's to lose?!

Matt, Thomas and I had a great call with Shirley and Edgardo at Somos Arte, who are handling the creative campaign (starting with the logo) for "Lottery Man". So exciting! They TOTALLY get it. I need to bust out a creative brief to keep that ball rolling.

I had a positive call with a potential financial partner. They're mostly interested in off-season, private screening events, but that's super cool. I'm into it. Let's do this!

I also connected with what I hope will be our non-alcoholic beverage partner. This Monday, my contact (nat'l hd of multicultural mktg) has a follow-up meeting with his brand team to get feedback on his recommended plan. Fingers crossed!

TEASE WARNING!! Next week, I'll give you a sneak-peek of the entire 2010 NYILFF Domestic Features list. Hells yeah...

Have a great weekend!


May 6, 2010

"Elliot Loves" on indieWIRE! New music vids & webisodes on CINEDULCE!

The indieWIRE piece on "Elliot Loves" was just posted! Check it! "ELLIOT LOVES" ON INDIEWIRE


Serius Jones - "Oh Baby" (Official Video) (4:02)
A Light Up Production: Directed & DP'd By: Lex Lewter & Dr.Woo, Executive Produced By: Mutaurwa Mapondera, Produced By: Darren Id-deen, Special EFX Bobby Yan. Special Thanks to Public School NYC and Lemar and Dauley.

Deranged Fan Episode 3 "Basketcase" (3:48)
Deranged Fan feat. Bomar - "Basketcase" Episode 3. Directed by Rik Codero.

"I Once Was Lost" Webisode #1 "Computer Love" (4:13)
In Episode #1, Elaine explores the possibilities of internet dating at the insistence of her close friend, roommate and serial dater, Lauren.

"Living In A World" (3.08)
CE Muzik presents, debut single by Jae Brook produced by DJ Blakghost. Music Video directed by Slush for McCray Media + Co.


May 5, 2010

Getting Creative

Just got back from the creative meeting with GlobalHue, this year's lead creative agency for the NYILFF campaign.

As you may recall, earlier this year, together with GlobalHue we conducted a contest for the NYILFF's commercial spot. After selecting the winner, the folks at GlobalHue were then tasked with developing an entire campaign based on that initial pitch concept. Soooo... today they presented to us their campaign concepts. Awesome! Sophisticated, elegant, cool, hip, clean... we love them!

PLUS, they secured a HUGE director for the commercial. We all were like wha what?? How the hell did you pull off that one? Insane. Super exciting!

On the sponsorship tip, I received an initial offer from a wellness company. I'm trying to move them up a bit, but it's not a bad prelim offer. It's nice to get good news.


May 4, 2010

Nuggets of Info

We received more entries for the HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition. Whoopee! Keep em
comin' folks. Remember, the deadline is this FRIDAY, MAY 07!!

Congratulations to "Elliot Loves"'s Robin de Jesus (Hector in "E.L."), who received a Tony
nomination this morning for "La Cage aux Folles"! Yay, Robin!

Bit of a slow day today. Boo. I was supposed to have a rescheduled conference call with a woman at a major
financial institution but she never called. Grrr...

Buuut, I did get a hold of our potential beverage partner, who just returned from vaca in Spain
(jealous anyone??). We're scheduled to reconnect on Friday after he catches up.

Big creative meeting tomorrow with GlobalHue. They're going to present the campaign!