June 9, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

UGGGGHHH... Why must sponsorship torture me so?! I just got the "pass" from a wireless company with whom I've been chatting for 2 years (yes, years not months). Wha what?? The only consolation is the head of multicultural (my friend/contact) is potentially as bummed as I am. With budget cuts, he just couldn't get internal buy-in. He vowed to keep pushing until one day they come on board. I love his enthusiasm and support, but really wanted that partnership this year. Ay carumba!

On a more positive tip, we seem to have strong momentum from a particular beauty brand. I would love, love, love to get an answer before the weekend but, alas, I can't control the client. I've provided all requested info. Now, we wait...

On the programming tip, I know you already know "La Soga" is no longer our Closing Night feature. Fear not, amigos! We have super-fantastic options. We'll announce as soon as we lock. Plus, there are all of these other super hot films that are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. Don't know where these folks have been all this time, but happy to have their interest!

Random Side Note: Tomorrow, I'm meeting up with an old director friend, who's interviewing me for his documentary. I can't really say anything else, but how cool is that?! I'm gonna be in a doc. and it's gonna be juiuiuicy!


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