June 23, 2010

Updates All Around...


Good News: The schedule is officially set! Woo-hoo! Congrats to the entire programming team; it's a bear of a job and you did it!

Bad News: A sponsor dropped out this AM. Ughhhh!!! They changed their strategy and decided to activate in October vs. July. I'm hoping we can salvage the relationship by customizing an event for them in October, but, for now, it's done. Massive bummer.

Encouraging News: A new potential sponsor has come to the table (we're looking to chat on Friday) and we're still waiting on 2 others. Keep the faith, people! I refuse to give up!!


I can finally announce that Hennessy Prestige is Elliot Loves' newest, very generous sponsor. Thank you, Manny! Can't wait for the event in July.


I officially hired Lina as our casting director! Yay! We (Thomas, Matt, Lina and I) are meeting next week to kick off discussions re:packaging the film, creating a 'look book' and refining our target list for the male and female leads. Freakin' awesome!


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