June 7, 2010

On-Set Pix from Saturday's Commercial Shoot!!

As most of you know, NYILFF conducted a creative contest for the 2010 commercial, which, in turn, served as the basis for our entire marketing campaign, devised by our kick-a** agency partner, GlobalHue Latino. The winner of that contest is Colombian-born creative, Margarita Jimeno. GlobalHue, Margarita and director, Tony Kaye ("American History X") all worked together on the resulting commercial, which we shot this weekend. A true creative collaboration!!

Check out some of our pix from Saturday's shoot, which was awesome! More importantly, the spot is going to be insane!

Silver Cup Studios in Queens!

Contest winner: writer/creative Margarita Jimeno!

Director and Margarita's creative collaborator, Tony Kaye

Tanya and I looking very serious. ;)

The Set

Team GlobalHue watching and working behind the scenes!


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