May 13, 2010

Momentum Makes Me Happy

Wowsers - what a day! I'm telling you, it's getting nutsarooni over here.

I received not 1 but 4 calls today from interested sponsors. I'm certain there will be a big range in participation (I already know one partner is only interested in sampling), but that's great news. Even if one of them comes through, that'd be great. Momentum.

I scheduled a 'date' for early June with an old, dear friend of mine with whom I've lost touch over the years. Isn't it so hard to keep up with everyone? Sheesh. Anyway, she's a casting director from my Shooting Gallery days. I can't wait to catch up over cocktails (of course!) and tell her re:"Lottery Man"! Momentum.

We saw the latest iteration of the creative campaign. Honestly, Global Hue is totally kick-ass. Tanya, Calixto and I all love the direction. That, in and of itself, is almost unbelievable. No arguments. No debates. Just a collective grin. Momentum.

Tanya, Sonia and I had a great lunch with our good friends at Clearview Cinemas. Those guys are awesome. Super chill and accommodating. Excellent partners. Got deadlines and clarified some deliverables. Momentum.

Last night, we had an excellent, super productive panels meeting. We officially locked our entire panels line-up (7 in total). We just need to refine some details (include name one of them), secure panelists, firm up the NEW location and get you guys excited about the cool stuff we're planning! Momentum.


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