May 4, 2010

Nuggets of Info

We received more entries for the HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition. Whoopee! Keep em
comin' folks. Remember, the deadline is this FRIDAY, MAY 07!!

Congratulations to "Elliot Loves"'s Robin de Jesus (Hector in "E.L."), who received a Tony
nomination this morning for "La Cage aux Folles"! Yay, Robin!

Bit of a slow day today. Boo. I was supposed to have a rescheduled conference call with a woman at a major
financial institution but she never called. Grrr...

Buuut, I did get a hold of our potential beverage partner, who just returned from vaca in Spain
(jealous anyone??). We're scheduled to reconnect on Friday after he catches up.

Big creative meeting tomorrow with GlobalHue. They're going to present the campaign!


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