May 5, 2010

Getting Creative

Just got back from the creative meeting with GlobalHue, this year's lead creative agency for the NYILFF campaign.

As you may recall, earlier this year, together with GlobalHue we conducted a contest for the NYILFF's commercial spot. After selecting the winner, the folks at GlobalHue were then tasked with developing an entire campaign based on that initial pitch concept. Soooo... today they presented to us their campaign concepts. Awesome! Sophisticated, elegant, cool, hip, clean... we love them!

PLUS, they secured a HUGE director for the commercial. We all were like wha what?? How the hell did you pull off that one? Insane. Super exciting!

On the sponsorship tip, I received an initial offer from a wellness company. I'm trying to move them up a bit, but it's not a bad prelim offer. It's nice to get good news.


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