January 12, 2010

When It Rains...

I know I wrote this about a week ago, but this truly is the fastest beginning to a new year I can remember. Ever. It's unreal. I am slammed. It feels more like June (when the NYILFF kicks into high gear) than January. But, it's kind of a good way to start the year (and decade); the energy feels incredibly powerful and positive. Come on, Universe - hook me up!

Yesterday, I had two very long, very excellent meetings - both about potential sponsorship.

In the first mtg, we discussed what could amount to a major strategic partnership (including Cinedulce!) vs. a one-off event sponsorship. This was an in-person f/u to last Friday's call, after which I did some serious thinking (which is pretty impressive considering how much I drank this weekend...). Needless to say, the agency that brought me the client is psyched about my ideas, so now it's time to write the proposal and light a candle... or two.

My second meeting was with some folks at an agency I've known for years. They have a couple of new clients that may be PERFECT for the NYILFF. Woo-hoo! I have a bit of follow-up work for them, but much less than the first meeting.

All sorts of cool announcements coming soon. Stay tuned...


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