November 13, 2009

Me Encanta Mi Familia de NYILFF!

Better late than never... I started scheduling post-mortem meetings with our key NYILFF staff and department heads to review the 2009 NYILFF and, looking ahead to 2010 and beyond, discuss ways to improve the process: operations, communication, staffing, structure, etc.

It might sound boring, but I actually love it. First, it gives me an excuse to see my dear friends. Second, I love hearing feedback, including constructive criticism, because that's how you evolve and grow. I have learned it's impossible to be an expert in everything and, similarly, there's no way to see everything that goes on, so you really have to trust and rely on your staff to serve as the eyes and ears of the operation. Plus, they're all ridiculously smart, creative and talented; I'd be a giant fool (not to mention rotten manager) not to hear their ideas.

Yesterday's meetings with Juan (programming director), Kavika (panels) and Jenny (in-house publicist) were incredibly productive. Thank you!!


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