November 9, 2009

This Is It Feedback; Precious Box Office Bonanza

I saw "This is It" on Saturday. Although I thought it was a wee bit long, I have to say, it's pretty interesting to watch M.J. work. He's clearly a perfectionist with an incredible ear (obviously) - it's just really cool to watch his genius creative process. To that end, I have to say Kenny Ortega is unbelievable. He put together that entire concept, including directing and conceptualizing the original videos. I'm sure the show would have been an incredible spectacle, but I had a hard time not wondering if Michael really had the stamina to handle the entire 50-show run. Sadly, we'll never know...

On another film note, "Precious" absolutely KILLED this weekend's box office at nearly $100,000/screen. For those of you who don't know what that means, let's just say in the independent/art house film world, a $5,000 per screen average is considered fairly strong. This movie brought in an average of $100,000 per screen, totaling $1.8 million on just 18 screens. It's not just remarkable, it's actually record breaking! For perspective, "This is It" opened with $6,675/screen and "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" opened at $17,997/screen. From what I've read, the only movies to open with a $100,000+/screen average were "Dreamgirls" and "Brokeback Mountain". NOW, do you see how insanely huuuge that is?? Congrats to Lee Daniels and the entire cast and crew!


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