April 13, 2010

Let the Busy Begin...

Wow - busy day! We moved back into the downtown NYILFF offices today. To save money in the 'off season', we contract our office space and work from home; right around this time (early spring), we expand to full functioning size. It's exciting to be back in the swing of things, but, seriously, how fast does time fly? It's somewhat surreal to be deep in festival planning... again. Can you say Groundhog Day?!

On another NYILFF note, today Tanya (mng. dir.), April (events), Kristy (ops), Yaritza (Tanya's asst/office mngr) and I had a coupla theater walk-throughs. Specifically, we strolled through Clearview Chelsea Cinemas and the SVA Theater. The team is all new so I wanted to familiarize them with the key venues. Everyone's psyched about the spaces, but I'm the most psyched of all because this team is rock solid.

I also managed to send out two key sponsor proposals (FINGERS CROSSED!!), chat with the agency for another potential sponsor and mail out taxes for both companies (NYILFF and Cinedulce). I told you it was a busy day!


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