April 19, 2010

Life's Funny Sometimes

I received an email yesterday (yes, Sunday) from my contact at an agency that reps a brand we've been wooing for months. My contact is this amazing, super-cool lady, who's been pushing us hard, but, ultimately the brand execs decided to stick to traditional, category-specific promotions vs. branch out into film... and, do something unique and cool. God forbid, right?? Sheesh!

It's not the end of the world, but a bummer nonetheless. I really wanted this company to come on board and knew we had an inside champion; but, you know, there's never a guarantee in business (or in life).

I refuse to let rejection bring me down. Hell no! Instead, I asked my fabulous agency friend if she thought a scaled-back barter arrangement is viable b/c this particular category is a budget line item. We may not get a sponsorship infusion, but we could potentially save a few bucks. Equally important, it's a great, low-risk way for the client to check out our festival. Who knows? Maybe we'll knock their socks off, compelling them to go big in 2011! Waiting for a reply.

On a more positive note, this afternoon I scheduled a meeting with the multicultural mktg mngr for a major company. I've literally been trying to meet this woman for the better part of 5+ years... riiiight. The crazy part is when I introduced myself, she said, "Liiiiizzz! I've been wanting to meet you!". Um, okay... (internal voice: Well, you could've simply responded to any one of my outreach attempts over the past 5 years; external voice: Really? Ditto!). Needless to say, we're meeting next Tuesday. Yay!

Life's funny sometimes, don't cha think?


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Anonymous said...

I agree! Life deserves many written essays on its aspects.