April 28, 2010

Light a Candle!

Sonia and I had a GREAT meeting yesterday with a potential major NYILFF sponsor in the spirits category. We need this. No, seriously... we need this. Light a candle. Say a prayer. Do your thing. Just please send the positive vibes our way.

Speaking of which, Calixto and I are about to have a budget meeting and it's not gonna be pretty. It's really hard to cut an already tight budget. You start to get 'creative' which can be good or... not so good, depending on how desperate you feel at the moment. Fortunately, I tend to keep a cool head about these things. I've just been through the sponsorship mill so many times, I've learned to stay calm and wait until almost the last minute before making drastic decisions. We're still waiting on a bunch of answers so I remain hopeful.

On a programming note, we finally agreed on the Opening Night film and we also locked our Dominican Night film. Of course, I'll can't tell you either of them yet, but things are lookin' hot this year. Plus, the Cinedulce Showcase is turning out to be a major category for us; the programming is on fire - really interesting urban stories from all over the world! Loves it.

On another note, Elliot Loves is about to get some serious love from indieWIRE. I'll give you the deets when I have them, but I'm so psyched for Terracino, Juan and the whole team. I'm so proud to be part of the project.


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