April 12, 2010

NYILFF: Sponsorship; LotMan: Gettin' It Done

First off, I do believe we just secured the NYILFF water partner... yay! The contract isn't yet signed so I don't want to put the cart before the horse (so to speak), but things are looking good!

Today, Sonia and I met with an agency that wants to represent the NYILFF for sponsorship sales. Because it'd be on a non-exclusive basis and the main dude seems to have a clue, I think we're going to move forward. Honestly, this late in the game, I'd be shocked if he/they brought anything to the table for the 2010 NYILFF, but it's a good opportunity to see how he/the agency works. If we vibe well this year, we can start early for the 2011 NYILFF. So, really, I have nothing to lose and only sponsorship monies to gain.

On a similar tip, KTU, our English-language radio station, may have a health care sponsor for us. I just sent the proposal this evening... fingers crossed!!

LotMan: I finished the cast pages, revised the synopsis (SO much tighter...phew!) and wrote the summary page for the investor package. Now, we just need to complete the temp logo and preliminary story boards and we're ready to hit the road and start seeking funding. Exciting!


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