September 23, 2009

Great Meeting!

I'm going to keep it short tonight because it's late and, come one, who really wants to read a blovel (uh, blog + novel for those of you who didn't get that)?

The highlight of today was a GREAT meeting with an adviser/friend, who is a very established, respected multicultural marketing voice in the media community. He also happens to be an awesome guy -- incredibly bright, fun and warm -- so that makes the process of talking to him super easy and enjoyable. Of course, if you know me, you recognize I don't particularly have a problem talking, but that's besides the point. Regardless, he totally understands and supports my strategy and, in turn, has offered to help by coordinating some invaluable introductions and meetings. Yay!! I'm sorry for being so opaque, but, trust me, it's exciting. If all goes well, part II will take place next week.

Stay tuned...


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