September 16, 2009

PowerPoint: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

I've spent the last week+ working almost exclusively on PowerPoint. I finalized the generic 2009 NYILFF sponsor recap, customized the recap for one NYILFF partner, and wrote the 2010 NYILFF sponsor pitch deck. Plus, I had already spent hours prepping the 2009 NYILFF recap, so these past 6 or so days represent additional time spent using PowerPoint.

I love PowerPoint. It allows me to put together pitches, presentations, recaps and all sorts of other good stuff in an easy-to-use, creative asset-friendly environment. It's simple, direct and flexible.

I hate PowerPoint. It's slow; it periodically and spontaneously shuts down for no discernible reason; and, it's limiting in many ways.

Although I've knocked out a ton in the past two weeks, I still have more to do in PowerPoint. I need to customize two additional '09 NYILFF recaps and customize a 2010 NYILFF proposal for an interested sponsor. That's great news, of course, but the thought of double-clicking that red "P" makes my eyes cross.


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