September 29, 2009

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"Life Of A Struggling Actor", Ep. 30
Casting Director

"The Work Jerks": An Interview with Antony
Meet Antony. In the offices of Long & Cumming, he not only delivers the mail, but also his mediocre rap rhymes to anybody that will listen. Which is no one. For more info visit

"The Work Jerks": An Interview with Paul
Meet Paul. He makes the office of Long & Cumming more... colorful. But some people think it's all an act. Now why would he go and do that? For more info visit

"Johnny B. Homeless" Promo #1

Comedy Web Series, Created by Al Thompson.
A day in the life of the coolest couch surfer in Los Angeles: Johnny B!

"Laugh Fiend TV" Official Trailer
LAUGHFIEND T.V. teaser... Series Coming Soon to Teledulce!

The Story Behind "The Ministers"

The official EPK for "The Ministers" produced by McCray Media + Co. features interviews with John Leguizamo, Florencia Lozano, Luis Ramos, and director Franc.Reyes. Get your first look here and go check out the movie in theaters October 16, 2009!!!

"The Ministers": Clips #6 & #7
Exclusive clips from Franc.Reyes' feature, "The Ministers".

"Papi Chulo"

The tale of a Jesus, a Mexican busboy who secretly wants to be an artist. He's too timid to express himself until a beautiful costumer enters his restaurant. Jesus is forced to decide between hiding behind a mountain of folded napkins and finally taking a step closer to making his dreams come true. Directed by Jonny Diaz.


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