April 22, 2010

Go Team, Go!

Okay, someone (ahem...) and her managing director (cough cough...) went out a little too hard last night and are definitely feeling it today. But, alas, no rest for the wicked! We push on.

I received a call from a long-standing NYILFF champion at a major financial institution. He's been trying to get us support for years. Last year, his bank went through a merger; the dust has now settled and he thinks there may be an opp. for us. We're scheduled to talk again on Monday. Hmmm...

We're trying to figure out what to show for NYILFF's Opening and Closing Nights. It's always such a tough call, but even more so this year because there are some definite differences of opinion. Dramz. The truth is you want to balance a desire to set the tone of the event with quality (i.e., put your best foot forward). It's not as easy as it may sound.

We're almost all done staffing up the new org. structure. So exciting. Tanya and I are just filling a few more holes and we're good to go with all department heads. Woo hoo! Go team, go!


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