April 21, 2010

NYILFF, LotMan, Elliot Loves Updates

So many updates for you... I'll cut to the chase.

We have interest from a major retailer. They don't have a huge budget, but it'd be a nice to start what I hope could be a long-term partnership. I also received a return call from a major financial institution... with interest! Turns out they changed their long-standing sponsorship strategy from supporting a few large-scale, long-term partnerships (e.g., year-long with opera or the like) to more smaller-scale, shorter-term partnerships... right in the range we're seeking! I sent her the proposal this afternoon and we're scheduled to follow up next week.

On a separate note, the press release about this year's HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competish went out last week and I've begun seeing the pick-ups. Phew! For more info, visit www.NYLatinoFilm.com

Matt, Thomas, Rebecca and I had a great budget meeting last night. We're sooo close to being ready for fundraising!

My favorite beer company in the world, Heineken, proved once again why they're the bomb-diggities. They have agreed to supply product for the final Elliot Loves fundraiser in May. Also, my most lovely friend, Rachel, @ People en Espanol has very generously agreed to support the event with gift bags, mags and maybe even advertiser product. I love my friends!


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