April 14, 2010

Whoopi, Esther, Aneudy, Franc

Check it out! Whoopi Goldberg mentioned the NYILFF yet again on The View! Check it out @ around 9:48 in this full episode... Whoopie on The View

An agency friend of mine, Esther, called me yesterday with potential interest from her auto client. Awww yeah. Soooo, this afternoon, I wrote and sent in a customized proposal. Fingers crossed! I'm still waiting on a ton of answers. Ugh - so painful.

On another note, Tanya, Yartiza, Aneudy (creative services mngr) and I had a great AM meeting to review the new creative services process, Aneudy's responsibilities and next steps (quotes from our agencies and vendors; finalizing the timeline).

Random side note: waiting for a meeting @ Starbuck's today, I ran into my friend, the filmmaker Franc Reyes (The Ministers, Empire). We had a great convo about this year's fest, the state of Latino filmmaking and his new film (a horror!). Good stuff!


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Thanks for the post! I'll do revising writing on that.