July 1, 2009

Collateral Schmatteral

It's all about NYILFF collateral today (and yesterday): direct mail brochure, schedule of events, a couple of postcards and lots of print ads. Edit, edit, review, edit. Why is it that no matter how many times multiple people proof these things, there still seems to be some tiny error that sneaks in there? What is that about?? With literally 4 pair of eyes reviewing each doc. this year, I'm hoping to sidestep the post-printing "oh drats!" moment. Yes, I'm letting my perfectionist-freak flag fly high.

Besides that, we're working hard on the web site and catalog, and we're starting to lock in clubs for our many after-parties. Come on, you know we throw great parties! Dominican Night and Awards are already set; we're now working on Opening and Closing, and then onto other special events. Moving along...


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