July 6, 2009

Holy Madness, Batman!

Yes, I took off Friday to spend time with my family for the holiday. Yes, I didn't write a blog. Yes, I apologize, but you gotta keep your priorities straight. Of course, I still managed to squeeze in about 2 hours of work. But, other than that, it was all about the fam.

Now I'm back and crazier than ever! I'm trying to put together fifty (50) press kits amidst all of this other chaos. I tell ya, it's hard to focus on writing when the phone keeps ringing and email keeps pouring in. What's a girl to do?? Just keep plugging along, I guess. So, I just finished editing my bio, which was pretty outdated, and now I need to revise a Cinedulce overview because you know we're not sending out NYILFF press kits without info on Cinedulce! Now, that would be just silliness.


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