July 24, 2009

Media Blitz!

Holy cow...so much great media activity going on for the NY In'tl Latino Film Festival, NEXT WEEK! Check us out:

Today's NY Times Arts Section - The Listings
This weeks' Village Voice "Voice Choice"
Daily News: BIG piece this Sunday
Yesterday, Juan Caceres (programming director) was on Univision's morning show
Calixto was on the radio today chatting with none other than The Reverend Al Sharpton (check out Al's film, Trek to the Holy Land) and he also chatted with WBAI and HITN
We've had ads all week in Time Out NY, AM NY, Daily News and El Diario
Radio ads are running on WKTU and Amor
TV ads are running on WNBC and Telemundo

TOMORROW, Calixto and I will be on WNBC's Visiones (b/w 9:15-9:30AM) - we shot it yesterday with Lynda Baquero, who's a total doll

AND, this Monday, 07/27, Calixto and I are going to be LIVE on WNBC NY Nightly News with
Chuck Scarborough sometime between 7-8:00PM (I'm crazy nervous but excited! Wish me luck - I've never done a live interview before...)

Have you seen us? More importantly, have you bought tickets? So many films, parties and celebs you don't want to miss. See ya on the red carpet on Tuesday!


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