July 16, 2009

Gettin' It Done

We sold out our first film: "King of Paper Chasin'". How awesome is that?? So exciting! There's so much demand for those tickets that we're adding a second screening. Yep, you heard me - 2nd screening of "King of Paper Chasin'". Talk to me.

Did you see Aneudy in today's NYILFF ad in AM New York? The guy was flooded with calls. His star is rising so fast, we may have to let him walk the red carpet! ;-)

So, have I mentioned how busy I am during this final countdown to the festival? Riiight.

A snapshot of today: I...

...approved line signage and sent the 4 designs to the printer; reviewed step and repeats - made some changes and asked Michele to send them to the appropriate sponsors for review and approval; had a press conference call; had a Cafe Bustelo conference call; finished and submitted catalog credits; finished and submitted catalog thank you's; paid some pressing bills; discussed venue details for various after-parties; had customized Internet banners made for our friends at
Remezcla and nocheLatina.com; planned tomorrow's NYLatinoFilm.com homepage redesign; reviewed with the relevant coordinator the processes for registration and volunteer meetings; chatted with Dennis about various HBO-related details; locked in the T-shirt design and approved the vendor; and, of course, answered about 75 emails and 25 phonecalls.

Now, that's called gettin' it done!


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