July 30, 2009

Red Carpet Rundown

Okay, in just 2 days, I've met all sorts of great (and great looking!) celebs.

Opening Night, 07/28
Benjamin Bratt is gorgeous and fabulously wonderful. He is charming, eloquent, thoughtful, sincere and just lovely. I was incredibly impressed.

Taliso Soto Bratt - also unbelievably sweet and genuine... and spectacular looking. I've decided Benjamin and Talisa give Brangelina a run for their money.

Whoopie Goldberg - Hilarious! PLUS - she chatted about us on today's The View. Can you believe it???? Total insanity.

Jill Hennessey - Again, a total doll. And, she's very beautiful. She and my mom bonded at the after-party. So cute, right?

Erika Alexander - super beautiful, super funny and super down-to-earth. Big fan.

Wednesday, 07/29
Calle 13 - I didn't really get to chat with them for very long, but they seem super nice and, well, you know, they're rock stars. Kinda cool! Plus, I just saw them perform @ Summerstage a few weeks ago so that's very groovy.

Vin Diesel - I also didn't get to chat with him for very long, but he was very gracious and generous. His girlfriend is a stunner and I felt like a dwarf next to her. These are the times you realize why some people are models and others aren't. ;)

John Leguizamo - As always, he is such a doll. I H-E-A-R-T John Leguizamo. He's just the best. Plus, he gave a great acceptance speech for the Tres Generaciones Tequila COA Award.

More updates to come...!


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