July 23, 2009

Oh boy...getting close!

We are really down to the nitty-gritty details at this point. I had a great theater walk-through with the great clients at DIRECTV Mas. They're presenting our Closing Night film, The Line, and it's gonna be great. Plus, we locked in live music performances for the after-party at Prime and Ray Liotta is coming. I repeat - hot.

Tonight, our stylist, Oscar Montes de Oca (love him!), and I selected all of my NYILFF red carpet outfits for next week. We're all set and I'm so relieved. It's just one less thing to worry about.

Tomorrow AM, Calixto and I have an interview with Lynda Baquero from NBC's Visiones. Actually, I'm wearing an outfit Oscar and I picked out tonight!

Other news... Oh, we put the catalog to bed and I'm almost done with all event invites. Signage and step-and-repeats will be ready on Friday and, on Saturday, we're all going to the hotel to go through signage, and put together the registration bags and badges. Busy, busy...


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