August 5, 2009


Okay, I realize I've been a bit remiss about my blog but, you know, I've been kinda busy. If you happened to notice, the only blogs I was able to write last week were posted at roughly 3:00am. Needless to say, I had a loooong week.

That said, phew - it's over! All of those months of planning paid off with what I believe was a great event. The team really pulled together and upped our game. I'm so proud of and grateful to everyone.

On the media tip, we received more Hispanic and English-language coverage than ever before. It was insane. Even Whoopi Goldberg gave us a plug on The View after her red carpet appearance for Opening Night's "La Mission". I mean, what?? Who's life am I living? Total insanity. Then, it turns out yesterday (08/04) I was in Daily Variety with Luis Guzman, who is one of the cooler, nicer folks I've met in quite some time. To be perfectly honest, it's all sort of funny to me b/c I spend the vast majority of my time at my desk and on the phone. It's literally the antithesis of glamor, so the red carpet thing just makes me giggle.

In the coming days and weeks, I will follow up with more recaps, photos, links, etc. I just wanted to check in, catch up and thank everyone for your support. The sense of community I feel from this event totally outweighs the stress of making it happen. I only hope the festival brings you as much joy as it does me.

To be continued...


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