August 20, 2009

Agent of Change

I just read Catalina Sandino Moreno, best known for her lead role in the heartbreaking film, "Maria Full of Grace", is joining the cast of "Twilight" as a Latina vampire. Pretty groovy, huh?

That bit of film gossip aside, lots going on over here. I have to say, thus far, August has not been all that quiet: strategizing, evolving, organizing, recapping, reconciling... planning for the future, near- and far-term.

Be an agent of change or else you'll be the victim.


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John said...

If you haven't seen Maria Full of Grace, then I recommend that you definitely see it. She does an amazing job in an incredible film. Another enjoyable film to catch her in is Paris, je t'aime. In fact that may be the best secondary for a great double feature since it's a more upbeat follow-up to the somber tone of Maria Full of Grace. Enjoy!