August 31, 2009

Opening the Door to Opportunity

I'm telling you, once you open the door to new opportunities, the universe aligns with you and sends you all sorts of unexpected signals. It's totally wild.

In that spirit, I had a GREAT lunch today with a potential strategic partner that basically reappeared out of the blue. It turns out, we are totally on the same page and have a similar strategic approach, which I love. I'm a big thinker and like working with the same type of person. It's almost electric. Anyway, if we can make this deal happen, it would be truly bananas and should, in theory, have a very positive impact on another deal I'm just now trying to put together. To clarify, these are all much larger, strategic partnerships vs. festival sponsorships.

Of course, in these situations, there are always wrinkles to iron out, so it's just the beginning of talks. That said, my vision from when I first joined this festival actually has a shot of coming to fruition and that, my friends, is complete insanity. I almost can't think about it b/c it's too mind-blowing to digest and I need to stay focused.

It's only Monday... breathe.


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