August 6, 2009

Reconciling, What A Joy

Here's how sexy and glamorous my job is today... I've been sitting at my desk all day long, staring at my original NYILFF budget, bank account, Quickbooks, expenses excel files and invoices. Yes, folks, I've started to reconcile. The process will take several weeks as both payables and receivables continue to arrive, but at least I now feel like we have current expenses in order. Our awesome CFO kept great records during the fest, which made today MUCH easier for me (phew!). There are a fair bit of expenses paid out during fest week (petty cash, DJs, equipment and related production rentals, last-minute printing jobs, etc.). It adds up and can be hard to track if one person isn't paying close attention. I've always done it alone, which is fine but somewhat overwhelming with everything else on my plate. So, it was HUGE to have Luisa overseeing the process. Love her!

In the meantime, check out some party pix from the fest: Opening Night


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