August 17, 2009

Potential Off-Season Event

It looks like we may partner with a prestigious financial institution to co-produce an invite-only Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. The working plan, as of this AM, is to start with 30 minutes of networking and cocktails, followed by a full-length feature film (brainstorming options now) and a short post-screening Q&A with talent, capped off with 45+/- minutes of more networking and cocktails. The whole event, start to finish, will likely run about 3 hours: perfect for a mid-week event. I'm just really excited to start this new relationship, which has great long-term potential. I'm always about the longer-term when it comes to partnerships. Obviously, there's still value in a one-off but, really, my objective always is to develop a solid foundation that can evolve into something more significant, comprehensive and exciting.

Fingers crossed!


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