August 28, 2009

I Get To See A Film Tonight!

One of the sad ironies of running a film festival is you don't actually get to see all of the films because you simply have no time; your are, rather I am, too busy putting together the darn thing. I tend to watch approx. 2 films/weekend for a couple of months leading up to the festival; so, by the time the event rolls around, I've usually seen a good percentage of the programming. But, literally, I have never seen all of the films from any of my 8 years at NYILFF. Never. Not once. It's virtually impossible when I'm working until midnight or 1:00am for 2 months straight.

That said, I'm picking up where I left off in July by starting to bring home '09 screeners. Tonight, I plan to watch "Stages", the documentary that took home the '09 double-honor of Best Documentary and Cinelatino Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary. Can't wait to see it!

Have a great weekend and stay dry!


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