April 7, 2009

1st Taste Tuesdays: 04.07.09

Fresh out of the oven...

Chris Arreola Ep 3: The Nightmare Comes To Life
Check out Chris Arreola's journey to become a world champion boxer. For more, log onto HBO.com

Diva Speak TV: Season #2, Ep #7
SupaWoman of the Week: Donna Brazile Countdown to Change Big Up: Colin Powell Let Down: Ignorance Feature: Things completely opposite of Change

Making the Band Spoof, Season 2 Pt 2
MTV’s Making the Band launched the careers of Danity Kane, Day 26 and Donnie Klang… now, get ready for the next big thing: “The Uncomf’tables”. Comprised of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out’s AFFION CROCKETT and JOHN O. NELSON, prepare to laugh your ass off as you witness this ghetto band in the making.

Linked Ep 6 - All In
After learning Danny isn't who he claimed to be, Gabriel sits with Jason and sorts out the facts. Can he still count on his dreams or will he decide to investigate beyond?

Life Of A Struggling Actor, Ep. #7
American Express audition and Jacquie's driving...

Diary of a Hitman
An inside look at the underworld though the eyes of a paid killer. Directed by Ary Hernandez.

"There Was A Time In America"
Description: There Was A Time In America is a song composed by Paul Val produced by John Pandolfo recorded at Nightflight studios for Black Rose Productions, Inc. This song is published by Black Rose Productions Inc and features Uppercut and Brent Carter, former lead singer of Tower of Power. This is truly a song that needs to be heard. The message is positive and speaks about the lost innocence of children in America and abroad as a result of gun violence. Directed by Tito Batista


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