April 30, 2009

NYILFF Season is Fast Approaching...

Okay, so, here's what happenin' here, today...

First, we reviewed the first pass of the NYILFF commercial script (shoot this Saturday). Great first pass, but, of course like all first passes, it needs tweaking. I sent a fairly long email with specific comments from Calixto and me, including the key messages we want to relay. It's easy to get caught up in the fun creative process and lose sight of the main objectives. I just thought it'd help us all stay on point if I reiterated those goals and messages. But, we have an awesome creative team, so I'm psyched.

I have a conf. call in 45 mins with a (non-exclusive) spirits partner. Well, technically, it's not yet locked, but we have been given the verbal go-ahead. As you know, however, the devil is in the details and until we nail it all down (including budget...hello!), the deal, in my mind, is not done.

The exec from our potential financial partner got back to me today (he was on vaca). They're working on next steps, which is super encouraging. Major crossed fingers for that one, please!!

As of 9am, I have a meeting next Wed with a potential new cable b'cast partner. That could be very interesting. And, we're working on another (non-compete) b'cast partner that could also be exciting. Hopefully, I'll have that meeting in the next week or two.

And, on top of that stuff and other day2day busywork (i.e., recaps, email, calls, etc.), Calixto and I are in discussions with an org. potentially to run their film program. No, it's not another film festival so don't go thinkin' crazy thoughts... just yet. ;)

If you're as busy as I am, you need a break. Watch a movie on Cinedulce! :)


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