May 1, 2009

First Taste Fridays? Not Quite the Same Ring...

Okay, I'm sorry but we had some server complications this week so the new Cinedulce programming wasn't ready for our usual Tuesday release date. But, alas, below is the list of this week's new content. Get it while it's hot!

Ring Life Edvan Barros Ep. 3:What You'd Call A Journeyman
Watch Episode 3 of Edvan Barros’ journey to become a world champion fighter. For more, log on to

Diva Speak TV Ep #34 The After Election Special!!!
(btw, this is the "Blackest" ep ever, lol) Supawoman of the week; bit up: BARACK WON! My Godmother Junie Monroe Let Down: The After Election racists

Linked Ep. 9: "Riddles"
Gabriel takes the investigation into his own hands and brings Jason along for the ride. By the end of the day, he comes across a familiar face.

Life Of A Struggling Actor Ep #10
Paying the gas bill. Life. The death of Jacquie's grandma.


SVARMODER (2 of 10)
Bad habits. Second chapter of SVARMODER. Directed by Paco Arasanz


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