May 7, 2009

Good Stuff

Okay, here's my feedback on the NYILFF film I saw last night: really, really good. We know the director well and liked his previous feature, so it's not surprising we like his follow-up. It's fairly dark and very powerful. It's also extremely well cast; we happen to know the lead and he's awesome in this - super talented star on the rise. I dig it. I tell ya, the excellent movies for this year just keep coming. I can't wait for you to see them!

On another note: as of this AM, it seems we may be able to revive the NYILFF's partnership with one of the major industry unions. They're a great group of folks and have been supportive of us through the years, so it'd be really nice to bring them back into the fold - esp. for our 10th anniversary. Plus, they offer filmmakers a ton of benefits and incentives so I want to be sure we relay that important info. It's all good.

Other than that, I'm STILL waiting on various partner answers. I will say, there's movement across the board, but time is tick-tick-ticking away. Ay carumba. Ooommm...


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