May 12, 2009

1st Taste Tuesdays: 05.12.09

Sorry for the delay, folks. Enjoy!

Imprisoning Innocence
Short documentary on the Hutto Immigration detention center in Taylor, TX. Directed by Jesse Salmeron.

Marta's heart is broken.

Ring Life: Ronald Hearns, Ep. #2: Casting Shadows
Ronald Hearns continues his quest to step from behind his father's shadow. For more on Ring Life, log on to

Diva Speak TV, Season 2, Ep #12

Grenda Edition!!!!!! Supawoman: Beyonce Knowles; Big Up: conviction of t.i.'s asst's killer; Let Down: mumbai terrorist bombings; Feature: 3 things I've Learned/Been Reminded of in Grenada

Linked Ep. 11: "Trust Issues"

While Gabriel runs into someone who isn't so happy to see him, Lynn wakes up. But, where is she? And will Gabriel be able to find her?

Life Of A Struggling Actor, Ep #12
Joey Fiero is a struggling actor trying to make an impact in Hollywood. Joey’s wife, Jacquie, is determined to become a TV screenwriter and executive producer. Watch this goofy family’s real struggles & juggles between kids, friends and celebrity run-ins as they pursue their dreams of fame and fortune.


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