April 29, 2009

Just Another Day Fightin' the Good Fight

As usual, I'm having a super busy day (this theme will be increasingly more prominent in the months to come, so settle into it, folks...).

This AM, I had a great (i.e., promising) call with a potential NYILFF auto partner. Apparently, they already had their eye on us (who knew??), but may not have the resources this year (shocking...). I forwarded the proposal and now... all together please... WE WAIT!

Later in the Am, we went to a film screening for a mediocre movie. Not bad; not great. But the screening sparked a couple of great programming thoughts from Calixto. So, if all goes well, we may have figured out two key positions = silver lining.

After that, just calls, calls and more calls, including a conference call with our beauty partner. Oh, and I just received an email from a major spirits company with partnership interest. I'll let you know when I have more info.

One last note, I took a call from a filmmaker with quite the attitude. He clearly had no clue who I was, which, quite frankly, is irrelevant (other than it was funny to hear his reaction when I told him). Let's just say, he actually called me ma'am... and not in that respectful, 1950's, Beaver Cleaver kind of way; it was more an egregiously condescending "who the hell are you??" kind of tone. Yeah. Right. Good move, champ. Anyway, my point is - let's treat everyone with respect regardless of how much of a creative genius you think you are. ;)

Okay, I have a ton of work. Over and out...


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