April 28, 2009

It's Always Better to Look Up

Yep, I'm stilllll waiting for answers from a bunch of potential key sponsors. Yes, this is late for us. Yes, I'm aware of the economy. Yes, I believe we will be okay. Yes, I'm an eternal optimist. Breathe.

We had a very good AM weekly meeting and are moving along with prep for Saturday's commercial shoot. We'll be sure to take some behind the scenes video so you can all check out how it went. Considering how well auditions went, we're pretty psyched. Fingers crossed...

Tonight, I'm going to a script reading for the new film of my friend, Hugo Perez, a massively talented filmmaker who's one of the funnier, smarter guys I know. His script, Betty La Flaca, won the '06 HBO/NYILFF Short Film Contest. It's seriously hilarious and still makes my dad laugh. If I'm not mistaken, tonight's reading is for Hugo's first feature-length script so I'm psyched to hear it. I'm sure it'll elicit at least a chuckle or two. Plus, I'm bringing my friend, Rachel, who's also pretty damn hilarious. Thanks to Hugo and Katharyn for the invite!


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