December 10, 2009

Attention Actors: POTENTIAL WORK!

This Just In!

A new feature length comedy, "No Fats No Fems", is now
casting. If you're an actor seeking work (and, really, is there any other kind of actor??), please see below!

A comedy about a group of sexually compulsive gay men, who share their experiences in therapy, led by Dr. Tobias Hollister, who is the most obsessive compulsive of them all. Despite his success as a celebrity sex rehab doctor and bestselling author, it doesn’t seem to help him find a lasting relationship.

Tobias Hollister (LEAD)
Needs to play Age 25-33 (must be over the age of 21 due to the content in the film).
Very sexy, slim to athletic body type. He is Latino/African-American, intelligent and quirky with perfect comedic timing. Psychologist that is obsessive compulsive. Think of the movie, “ALFIE”. The character’s look and agility. Think of Nate Parker of "The Great Debaters" and "Secret Life of Bees".

Chad (LEAD)
(leading male's love interest). Age 25-33. Charming, slim to average body type. African American. New Age enthusiast and party promoter.

Dee (Supporting)
Very sexy. Age 21-35. She is our New age Latina Life Coach lesbian, who is obsessed with getting her best friend, Tobias, in a lasting long-term relationship.

Malachi (Supporting)
Age 18-30. One of the men in therapy session as former sex addict; now, he is an obsessive church-goer.

5'10" - 6'2", Age 25-35.
Athletic, masculine with “accent”, jaded man who is working on his addictions and compulsions in therapy with the group.

Hiram (Supporting)
5'11" - 6'2", Age 25-35. Athletic African-American. Masculine jaded basketball coach, who is dealing with his compulsions in therapy with the group.

Emilio (Supporting)
5'11" - 6'2", Age 25- 35. Athletic, Latino male. Masculine, volatile and often jaded by life and who is dealing with his compulsions in therapy with the group.

Courtney (Supporting)
Age 21- 35. Average to athletic body type. He has a quick wit and is sharp with excellent comedic timing. He is dealing with his compulsions in therapy with the group.

5 Extras (Supporting)
Age 21-35. Great comedic timing. Used in flash back sequences that provide comedic relief.

Craig Hunter



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