December 3, 2009

Got Publicity?

I had lunch today with a good friend, who's a very sharp publicist focused on the Hispanic market. We met many years ago and have maintained our friendship ever since. In addition simply to liking and respecting one another, we also find our paths cross on a regular basis; the NYC multicultural marketing community (esp. media, events and entertainment) is fairly small. You start to hear the same names brought up in every conversation.

This lovely lunch reminded me how much I appreciate my friends and how real relationships can make a real difference (personally and professionally!). She and I continue to support each other by sharing contacts, advice and inside insights. Today's lunch was no different. I just sent her a bunch of leads and she's helping me with a particular sponsor and a potential new staff member.

If anyone needs a fantastic publicist, let me know and I'll connect you!


1 comment:

Eris said...

Hi, nice blog, you are right in this world is everything about good connections ;)
So lets start it...
I'm working for the Hispanic market at Yalwa and thought this will be usefull for you both and your readers. Yalwa is a Free Business Directory
Here you can put an ad for offering your company services. I hope it will help and will like to keep in contact.