December 22, 2009

The Power of Film or One Teen at a Time

Last night's free screening of the film, "Precious", for at-risk youth was a superlative success! The kids really seemed to appreciate the film and were totally engaged in the post-screening Q&A, which had to be cut short because of timing vs. lack of questions. That's always a great sign.

Plus, I think they really got a kick out of seeing 3 of the cast members: Ephraim Benton (also a co-host),
Angelic Zambrana (Consuelo, far left) and Stephanie Andujar (Rita, far right), pictured with a giddy guest.

I was so touched by the event and the kids' reactions that I suggested to Lyndon
(McCray Media & Co) we co-host an annual series of free screenings for urban youth. We are preliminarily discussing doing it on a quarterly basis in 2010, but we'll hammer out the details first thing in January. I just need to find a generous sponsor who wants to cover the basic costs, which are fairly peewee in the scheme of things. No sweat, right?!

This is why I love film. Like all art, film isn't just a medium for communication; it's a potential catalyst for education, enlightenment, empowerment, hope, inspiration and transformation. Art truly has the power to change: change opinions, circumstances, decisions, prejudices, attitudes and even lives. If our screenings can help even just one teen make better, smarter, more proactive decisions in his/her life, then we have done a great service to the community. Plus, selfishly, it gives me a great sense of joy and fulfillment, so I'm in!


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