December 4, 2009

I Choose Change

I'm narrowing down the candidates for some new key NYILFF positions and it's incredibly exciting. I spoke to several references for a couple of folks we're considering and I think we may have a place for both of them. I love mixing it up and adding new members to our awesome festival family = fresh ideas and perspectives. This is all part of a structural re-org I started a couple of months ago. It's time for change.

Although sometimes scary (i.e., fear of the unknown), change is almost always a good thing; it opens doors, opens eyes, changes your energy and attracts opportunity. I feel strongly that in both your personal and professional lives you have to keep a steady eye towards progress, evolution and growth. You have to accept and embrace when it's time to be an agent of change. Stagnation, being in a rut, is emotionally unhealthy and will inevitably lead you to feel like the victim of your circumstances when, really, you chose to ignore the warning signs.

I choose change.


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