December 21, 2009

Weekend Roundup

I had a great meeting this AM (and early PM) with my good friend, Alex, at Heineken. I love those guys. Like HBO, Turner and American Airlines, Heineken has been very loyal to the NYILFF even in the tough economies of '08 and '09. Plus, Alex and I love to talk shop and life. Our anticipated 1 hour meeting last for 2+ hours. Nice.

Tonight is our free screening of "Precious" @ Chelsea Clearview Cinemas for at-risk and runaway youth. I'm really excited; I anticipate it will be as inspiring for the staff and me as for our guests.

Weekend Box Office: "Avatar" was out of this world with $73 million -- that's the 2nd largest December opening (after 2007's "I Am Legend") ever. Plus, apparently, east coast theaters claimed there was a huge sales drop due to the blizzard so receipts would have been even higher! Hellllo! Did you see it? Thoughts?

Brittany Murphy dead at age 32. Super sad - absolutely - but, I have to say, I'm over the whole hard partying, young Hollywood 'thing'. I get they're all beautiful, rich, talented and fabulous, but they're not saving lives. They need a reality check and to get their s**t together. If Brittany's sudden death isn't declared an OD (no news yet from the coroner), I'd be shocked. That aside, obviously, you never want to hear tragic news like this; it's horribly sad. My condolences to her family.


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