December 1, 2009

New on Cinedulce... "Toy Soldier", "Hanging Out with Emmi" and "Work Jerks"!

"Toy Solider" (8 mins., U S A) 

Dir. by Matt Brailey

Haunted by memories of past battles, a U.S. soldier relentlessly enacts revenge upon a hostile gang that has brutally assaulted his younger brother. Torn between love for his family and dedication to his country, the soldier is forced to discard his American citizenship after he commits a horrendous crime.

The Work Jerks
Episode #6

The mail at Long & Cumming has been completely jumbled. This leads to a stunning revelation, a new found suspicion, and an embarrassing flashback (Hint: someone's in drag) The office will never be the same!

"Hanging Out With Emmi"
Episode #1

Check out trailer for the new show coming soon to starring actor/ host Emmi Grullon. Follow Emmi as he catches up with his friends in the entertainment industry, anywhere from posh nightclubs to the streets of the Big Apple!


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