March 19, 2009

Budgeting... Yay!

Don't you just love putting together a budget when you haven't yet finished fundraising, i.e., you don't really know how much money you have to budget? Very interesting process, let me tell you. It goes something like this: Calixto, "Liz, I think we should add XYZ to the budget. Thoughts?" My reply, "Um, you mean add it to the working, imaginary budget? Sure! Sounds great!"

In 1 hour, this is roughly the conversation we're going to have about the '09 NY Latino Film Festival. Sort of. Truth is, we're planning to scrutinize the budget, line-by-line, to see: 1. where we can shave; and, 2. if there are any monies we can re-prioritize so they're more efficiently &/or effectively spent. Literally, how can we get more bang for our buck? We've already cut a fair bit of fat from last year (thank God because that budget ballooned!), but we both think there is more work to be done. Like any business, we need to consider how we can continue to increase revenue but also decrease or, at least cap, expenses. Budgeting...Yay!

A Girl Like Me
Reel Works Teen Filmmaking presents a film that explores the standards of beauty imposed on today's black girls. How do these standards affect her self-esteem or self-image? Directed by Kiri Davis.



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