March 31, 2009

1st Taste Tuesdays: 03.31.09


Ring Life: Chris Arreola: Ep 2, The Full Chris Arreola
Check out Chris Arreola's journey to become a world champion boxer. For more, log onto

Diva Speak TV, Season 2, Ep. 6
SupaWoman of the Week-Gwen Ifill Big Up-Pete Tumska of the AFL-CIO Let Down-OJ "What's Poppin" w/ Tokyo Kho Mc Lyte Check in

Making the Band Spoof, Ep. 5
MTV’s Making the Band launched the careers of Danity Kane, Day 26 and Donnie Klang… now, get ready for the next big thing: “The Uncomf’tables”. Comprised of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out’s AFFION CROCKETT and JOHN O. NELSON, prepare to laugh your ass off as you witness this ghetto band in the making.

Linked Ep 5: Mother, May I?
A chance encounter with a cell phone brings Gabriel a lot closer to "home" than he'd ever imagined.

Life Of A Struggling Actor, Ep. 6
Joseph is getting an acting check. Goes to Islands and thrift store shopping to celebrate! Gets an audition call for tomorrow! GOOD DAY!!

Heated Rally
Description: Three friends discuss American acceptance of Asian, Mexican, Black & Caucasian Americans. Directed by Peter Chen.

Soft Might
Description: Peter is forced to fight with Nancy's brother, Austin, who is trying to protect his baby sister from mixing up with other cultures. Peter uses nonviolence techniques to help. Directed by Peter Chen.


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