March 13, 2009

Some Advice From Me to You

I just returned from catching up with my good friend and the NYILFF's former publicist, Gabrielle, who recently changed careers; she's now a life coach, motivational speaker and author... all before age 30! I was telling her how I felt this pulsing positive energy for the festival and Cinedulce, and she said she could sense it. Apparently, I look lighter, happier, calmer. We are both very yogic (and as she says, 'metaphysical') about life. Below are a few of our shared philosophies:

1. Set your intentions. i.e., What really do you want in life? What mark do you want to leave?

2. Figure out who you are and what makes you happy. As my dad always says, you should always look forward to both Friday PM and Monday AM. If you dread Monday, rethink your career.

3. Contribute to the community in some way. That is, do something that offers some larger benefit other than making money. I can't tell you how many times I've heard
the passion Calixto and I have is infectious. The thing is, yes, we're trying to build businesses and make money. But, money doesn't inspire us. What does inspire us is the concept of nurturing filmmakers, art and storytelling, encouraging appreciation and love for all cultures and bringing together a diverse community. Money doesn't inspire anyone. Motivate? Yes. Inspire? Never.

4. Stay focused on the present, with an eye towards the future. Appreciate what you have now, here, today vs. dwelling on what you want tomorrow, next year, whenever. Today's hard work, persistence and commitment lead to tomorrow's success.

5. Send out positive vibrations. Energy-wise, you receive what you send out to the world. Positivity breed positivity.

6. Believe in yourself. Value yourself. If you can't sell the story of you to yourself, who else is gonna buy it?

Marinate on that and have a super weekend. Buenas noches!


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