March 30, 2009

Opening Doors, Opening Festivals...

Today, I'm busy writing a Cinedulce proposal for a big meeting tomorrow AM with HBO. We are approaching them with a unique partnership idea that would be awesome for both parties (we humbly believe), but obviously depends on their short- and long-term growth strategies. Hopefully, we're consistent with those plans. At the very least, this meeting will open the door to future discussions about deepening the partnership between the two companies.

On the flip side, I saw two great '09 NYILFF movies this weekend, including the one Calixto and I think is our opener! Holy guacamole... did you read that? We may have our OPENING NIGHT MOVIE! It's a very different kind of film for us to show on Opening Night, but we both feel strongly about trying our best to challenge stereotypes and showcase the diversity, complexity and, of course, quality of the stories coming out of this community.

NYILFF: April 10
HBO/NYILFF Short film Contest: April 10
Share UR Story: April 15


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